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Technical Support

Vision battery sealing principle

Vision battery uses ultra-fine glass fiber diaphragm, unsaturated adsorption electrolyte, oxygen easily diffuses to the negative electrode, and can work safely and effectively. The special grid alloy makes the battery self-discharge very small. In case of serious overcharge, the excess oxygen will be discharged through the safety valve to protect the safety of the battery, and the safety valve will prevent air from entering the battery.

The battery will first generate oxygen at the positive electrode at the end of charging or during overcharging;

The oxygen generated passes through the pores of the diaphragm to reach the surface of the negative electrode and is reduced to water;

The lead sulfate is reduced to spongy lead during further charging of the negative electrode;

Due to the depolarization effect of the negative electrode reacting with oxygen at the end of charging, the precipitation of hydrogen is inhibited, and the oxygen precipitated by the positive electrode is absorbed by the negative electrode, so that the internal pressure of the battery will not increase further, and the battery can ensure sealed operation.

Use environment and safety

Vision batteries are used in workplaces with good natural ventilation and an ambient temperature of 20±10℃.
Vision battery will be very safe to use under the following conditions: good conductive connection, no serious overcharge, no direct radiation of heat source, and natural ventilation.

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